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Virtual cinema is video-on-demand streaming brought to you by Darkside Cinema in partnership with film and distribution companies, which allows you to stream the movies we offer at home on your TV or on your mobile device. Under each rental link below, we link to a Help page that explains your viewing options.

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BORN TO BE movie poster Darkside Cinema Virtual Cinema and Kino Lorber present:
Nov. 27 - Dec. 10

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Dr. Jess Ting (he/him) at the groundbreaking Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery works on/with transgender and gender non-binary people seeking access to quality gender-affirming care. This remarkable documentary offers an intimate look at how one doctor’s work impacts the lives of his patients, as well as how his journey from renowned plastic surgeon to pioneering gender-affirming specialist has led to his own transformation.

Dr. Ting's patients are as diverse as the city itself. Cashmere (she/her), decades sober and with a zest for life, offers an invaluable queer history lesson as she looks back on the tumultuous existence she once led on the streets of New York. Jordan (they/them) is non-binary and, with their nurturing partner by their side, finally has the support they need to take the next step in their transition. The loquacious Garnet (she/her) moved to New York City to transition and has the full support of her family, but still struggles with depression. Shawn (he/him) signed up for a new type of gender-affirming surgery pioneered by Dr. Ting with the help of brave patients like him. And heart- and scene-stealer Mahogany (she/her) was once a successful male model, but sacrificed her career to begin life as the woman she is. Through their stories, their joys and hardships, the film addresses the nuances and complexities of gender, exploring key issues around the human right to define gender for oneself.

Directed by Tania Cipriano.

Rent for 5 days

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SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW movie poster Darkside Cinema Virtual Cinema and Kino Lorber present:
Nov. 27 - Dec. 10
Drama/Romance. Subtitled French.

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Two lonely neighbours would be perfect for each other if only they could overcome their individual hang-ups and stop substituting computer screens for real connections.

Rémy and Mélanie are 30 years old and live only a few steps away from each other in the same Parisian neighborhood. Whilst Mélanie loses faith in Tinder one-night stands, Rémy can hardly get a date. So close yet totally unaware of each other, feeling lonely in the middle of a big city, they head down two parallel paths that barely ever cross— so far.

Can they turn a series of missed opportunities into a life changing first encounter?

Starring Ana Girardot, François Civil, Camille Cottin, François Berleand, Simon Abkarian.
Directed by Cédric Klapisch.

Rent for 3 days

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SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW movie poster Darkside Cinema Virtual Cinema and Magnolia Pictures present:
Nov. 27 - Dec. 10

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With unfettered access to the Zappa family trust and all archival footage for the first time, ZAPPA explores the private life behind the mammoth musical career that never shied away from the political turbulence of its time.

Alex Winter’s assembly features appearances by Frank’s widow Gail Zappa and several of Frank’s musical collaborators including Mike Keneally, Ian Underwood, Steve Vai, Pamela Des Barres, Bunk Gardner, David Harrington, Scott Thunes, Ruth Underwood, Ray White and others. You'll also get to see bonus footage from deep in the Zappa Family vaults, unavailable anywhere else.

Directed by Alex Winter.

Rent for 3 days

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KOSHIEN: Japan's Field of Dreams movie poster Darkside Cinema Virtual Cinema, Das Filmfest & First Run Features present:
KOSHIEN: Japan's Field of Dreams -NR
Nov. 20 - Dec. 3
Documentary. Subtitled Japanese.

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Head coach Mizutani Kantoku’s whole life has been in preparation for the historic 100th Koshien, the wildly popular High School baseball tournament that defines the Japanese summer. A stubborn but passionate man, his martial brand of baseball in Yokohama maintains all that is beautiful, if extreme, in the uniquely Japanese form of the sport — rigorous year-round training, shaved heads, and self-sacrifice. The players believe in his message that their primary goal is to grow as human beings, so cleaning the grounds and keeping impeccable manners are as important as honing their skills.

However, beyond the company line, Mizutani boils with desire to validate his career by reaching the sacred grounds of Koshien. Having always prioritized his work over family responsibilities, he has never seen his 15 year-old son, Kosho, play baseball. Rather than take him onto his own team, calling on his well-earned web of connections, he sends Kosho away to be raised by a disciple Kantoku in the remote prefecture of Iwate. Sasaki Kantoku, though, has outgrown the ways of his mentor. After having raised Major Leaguers Shohei Ohtani and Yusei Kikuchi, he has a progressive vision that proposes a new direction for the sport. Sasaki takes inspiration from bonsai — although wires are needed to guide young branches, those wires must be taken off at the right time. So too does modern baseball require a delicate balance between enforcement and autonomy for players.

Across Japan, four thousand schools begin knockout competition, with only one winner from each prefecture able to advance to Koshien. Will all of Mizutani’s good deeds add up to a miracle, or will he prove to be a relic of a bygone era? Can Sasaki, with Kosho in tow, challenge the system in a culture where the nail that sticks up is liable to be hammered down? In the crucible of the Japanese summer, the scoreboard will be their report card, and a referendum on their values. Directed by Ema Ryan Yamazaki.

Rent for 3 days

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COLLECTIVE movie poster Darkside Cinema Virtual Cinema and Magnolia Pictures present:
Nov. 20 - Dec. 3
Documentary. Subtitled Romanian.

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In this riveting investigative documentary, a heroic team of Romanian journalists uncovers shocking, widespread corruption after a deadly fire at a nightclub, the mysterious death of the owner of a powerful pharmaceutical firm, and the quiet resignation of a health minister—seemingly unrelated events, all within weeks of each other.

The team of intrepid reporters exposes a much larger, much more explosive political scandal that reaches the highest levels of government. COLLECTIVE is a fast-paced, real-time detective story about truth, accountability, and the value of an independent press in partisan times.

Rent for 3 days

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THE INVISIBLE WITNESS movie poster Darkside Cinema Virtual Cinema and Distrib Films present:
Nov. 20 - Dec. 3
Thriller/Mystery. Subtitled Italian.

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A locked-room mystery with a twist: A slickly successful businessman wakes up next to his dead lover and becomes the chief suspect. His defense lawyer’s never lost a case, but can even she help him? As the story unfolds, the characters’ motivations begin to blur until no one is quite who they first seemed, leading to a pulse-pounding conclusion that will leave audiences guessing until the final shot.

“When I woke up, the nightmare began.” So begins the account of Adriano Doria (Riccardo Scamarcio), a wealthy Italian entrepreneur, describing the murky events of the worst night of his life, when he discovers himself in a resort hotel room with a nasty cut on his forehead and the lifeless body of his young mistress, Laura (Miriam Leone), lying on the floor amidst a pile of scattered banknotes. Though he protests his innocence, Adriano is the obvious prime suspect. With just hours to go before his arrest, he arranges a meeting with Virginia Ferrara (Maria Paiato), a notoriously tough attorney who has never lost a case, to plan his defense strategy and find evidence to exonerate him.

Largely told in flashback, this noirish thriller from director Stefano Mordini recreates the days of intrigue that lead up to that terrible night as guilt-ridden Adriano, still in love with his wife, tries to break off the affair with Laura while on a clandestine trip to the mountainous Trentino region—until fate intervenes and forever alters their lives. As more facts are coaxed out by Virginia, the characters’ motivations begin to blur until no one is quite who they first seemed, leading to a pulse-pounding conclusion that will leave audiences guessing until the final shot. Directed by Stefano Mordini.

Rent for 3 days

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SURVIVAL SKILLS - with Good Deed Entertainment- 12/4 - 12/17
>> Trailer
MAYOR - with Das Filmfest - 12/4 - 12/17
>> Trailer
CROCK OF GOLD: A FEW ROUNDS WITH SHANE MacGOWAN - with Magnolia Pictures - 12/4 - 12/17
>> Trailer
YALDA, A NIGHT FOR FORGIVENESS - with Das Filmfest - 12/11 - 12/24
>> Trailer
THE CHANGIN’ TIMES OF IKE WHITE with Kino Lorber - 12/11 - 12/24
>> Trailer
THE WEASELS’ TALE with Outsider Picture - 12/11 - 12/24
>> Trailer
LOUIS VAN BEETHOVEN - with Das Filmfest - 12/18 - 12/31
>> Trailer
SUNKEN ROADS: THREE GENERATIONS AFTER D-DAY - with Das Filmfest - 12/18 - 12/31
>> Trailer
>> Trailer

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Featured advertiser: Corvallis-OSU Symphony
Link to Corvallis-OSU Symphony Encore Concert
On Friday, December 4, the Corvallis-OSU Symphony is pleased to present A Holiday Encore of previously performed music

• W. A. Mozart: Coronation Mass in C, KV. 317 (conducted in 2016 by Dr. Steven Zielke, Director of OSU Choral Studies)

• Pytor Tchaikovksy: Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (conducted in 2018 by Dr. Marlan Carlson, Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra Music Director)

• Johann Strauss Jr.: Auf der Jagd (On the Hunt), Im Fluge (In Flight), Ohne Sorgen (Without a Care), Trisch Tratsch Polka, Under Donner und Blitz (Thunder and Lightning) (conducted in 2018 by Dr. Marlan Carlson)

• Johann Strauss Sr: Radetzsky March (conducted in 2018 by Dr. Marlan Carlson)

View the concert on the CLA youtube channel by clicking the following link: https://beav.es/oys

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Featured industry partner: DOC NYC
Link to DOC NYC Film Festival
DOC NYC 2020 is extended thru Nov. 29 - your discount code is still in effect for over 70 films!

DOC NYC just announced an Encore of 10 days, extending the screening dates for 70+ films in the program through 11/29.

Members of this mailing list received a discount code in the Wednesday, Nov. 11th email, also noted below. Your discount code remains active, so you still have time to check out many of the films.

Your discount code: Darkside Cinema newsletter subscribers get $2 off tickets to any film in the festival (capacity permitting).

Just enter this code at checkout: DOCNYC-DARKSIDE

See the lineup of more than 70 films still streaming nationwide and get tickets now
at docnyc.net

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Featured Fun Project for anyone to make a short film: 
The Sweded Film Festival for Creative Re-Creations


Row House Cinema, the people behind the first Quarantine Cat Film Festival earlier this year, is inviting submissions for consideration to be included in the 4th Annual SWEDED FILM FESTIVAL, to be shown in late January 2021.

This is the only festival of classic movies, re-made by amateurs who replace
A-list stars and CGI with whatever is laying around their houses and a ton of creativity. It’s odd, unexpected, and a whole lot of fun.

There are just a few rules for making a Sweded film. Keep it cheap, short, and out of control, but make it awesome.

Filmmakers can register now and submit their short films by Dec. 31. The panel of judges will choose winners for the cash prizes, and the best Sweded submissions will be compiled into a feature-length film.

For details and rules, and to register, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/128862203319

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Darkside Cinema is Cinema Safe!
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We invite you to: • Book a private screening for you and your household (after the governor's 2-week freeze is lifted). The Darkside is CinemaSafe!

• Watch a movie via Darkside virtual cinema. When you use the links on our home page to rent a film, you help support the Darkside.

• Take home $5 popcorn, $1 soft drinks and $1 candy to enjoy with your movie at home: order in person on Friday & Saturday 6 to 8pm, and Sunday 3 - 5pm.

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popcorn and sodas image $5 POPCORN and $1 treats!

Now during our popcorn hours you can come upstairs to pick up hot, freshly popped corn & concessions, and see the changes we made to the snack bar to better serve you and keep you safe.

Hours :
• Friday & Saturday 6pm to 8pm
• Sunday 3pm - 5pm.

Large hot popcorn $5
Soft drinks $1
Candy $1

*** All sales limited to items on hand.

IMPORTANT: Inside the Darkside you must stay 6 feet apart from others in the line. Everyone entering the building must be wearing a mask. The more faithfully we all mask up, the quicker the Darkside will open again.

Please text (541) 250-0441 if you have questions.

Thank you for your continued support of the Darkside and our community. We love you back.

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